In-Person Online Marketing Training for Realtors


Online Marketing Workshop for Realtors in Mississauga

Why struggle alone when I can train you to take charge of your online presence with a workshop created specifically for realtors?

How many of these realtor challenges are you facing?

  • You have great networking skills and years of experience in real estate but your online marketing is not driving leads and business you want.
  • Ever-increasing complexity is eroding the effectiveness of your online marketing, despite greater investments than ever.
  • Perhaps you’ve never run effective digital campaigns before and want to get started the right way while avoiding the many pitfalls and dead ends that await new players.
  • While you may have previously engaged web developers, Google AdWords consultants or SEO agencies – ultimately you’ve been disappointed by delivery, accountability or results.
  • You already know the web is mission critical to your success – you’re just looking for the right strategy and execution.

If any of these challenges are real for you right now, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because it’s challenges like these that we specialize in solving.

And this workshop is designed to train you to be a real estate marketing pro.

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About the online marketing workshop

  • Practical tips and hands-on training.
  • 8 hours of hands-on exercises, practical tips and training
  • Maximum 10 participants.
  • After training support (2 sessions of 45 minutes each)
  • Pre-training Website Audit

Don’t be a generalist. Become a real estate marketing Pro.

Our realtor oriented marketing workshop will make you a rockstar realtor. 8 hours of hands-on training and practical tips.

Fee: $500/person.


  • Course notes after the workshop completion
  • Checklist of items to do or regularly monitor
  • List of tools/resources
  • 2 sessions of questions (45 minutes hour each) 1 week after Workshop ($300 value)
  • Pre-workshop audit of your website ($1,000 value)

Course registration requirements:

  • You have an existing website
  • You have at least 50 satisfied/happy buyers
  • You can allocate at-least 10 hours/week for online marketing after completion of the workshop
  • You believe that online marketing is going to help you if done strategically and with due diligence (we are not here to persuade you that online marketing works. It should be obvious by now looking at your competition.)

If you don’t have a website yet or you are a starter, book a free consultation with us instead. We will connect you with a developer to get you started.